Born in Brazil, Anna Leevia started DJing in the Brazilian scene in 2008, creating the Lixo collective back in her hometown of Belo Horizonte. The collective claimed abandoned public spaces and used it as a cauldron for parties and cultural events. 

She quickly joined the 3+ agency and started touring, bringing her particular taste to places as far as Australia, India, and different corners of Europe. 

After graduating in Art & Media, Anna toured her first audiovisual performance “Maldita”, in Mexico, in 2012.

She moved to Berlin in 2010 and fell in love with minimal electronic music, becoming a regular fixture in clubs like Bar25 and Club Der Visionaere.

Her interest in sound and music has since then continuously developed, and after years of touring as an electronic music DJ, she reactivated her past alter ego to represent freely her multitude of tastes and likes in sound: Maldita

Anna is strongly influenced by afrobrazilian percussion and broken beats, and by a far wide spectrum of music. Her vinyl collection ranges from Brazilian Tropicália classics to French hip hop or Ukrainian punk.